We can provide entertainment, room dressing and the banquet food itself at any location you have booked. Please note most venues will require you to use their catering and bar.

A standard evening would include a cast of 4/5 actors playing knights, jester, wenches etc. One of these will be the master of ceremonies to ensure your evening flows properly.

We throne a lord and lady, guests are put in the stocks, we teach you a simple medieval dance and a few simple sing along songs such as Robin Hood.

There will be a 'scene' approximately every 15 minutes throughout your event. We will supply Stocks,Throne, medieval banners, shields, background and medieval dancing music throughout. Duration is around two and a half to three hours.

As a guide the entertainment above for up to 100 guests would be £1050. over  100 would be £1550, for larger groups please call.

For a smaller group up to 50 cost would be £850

Costumes are available on the day at a cost of £12 each minimum order of 15.

Great entertainment for any event, Corporate, anniversary or Xmas party night.

Medieval Banquets South West head office 01489 505220
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